Psyching Up

Tomorrow I have what I hope is my last appointment with my current neurologists.  I plan on firing their asses.  I'm really hoping this doesn't turn into a ridiculous drama-fest, primarily because that will take a lot of my energy.  And I'd rather not be labeled a "problem patient."
Anyway, the initial plan is to tell them that, after over a year, I just don't feel like we have or are going to establish a comfortable rapport and that I want to be referred to one of their colleagues, preferably someone who specializes in movement disorders.
I expect they will attempt to talk me out of it or make excuses.  I've been practicing saying, "yes, I understand that, I still want you to make the referral."
I figure I'll give them about three "bbbbut...." episodes before I suggest that if they have a problem doing as I ask that maybe we should bring in the clinic coordinator.
I intend to try very hard not to turn this into a long list of why I have a problem with them and what I think they've done wrong.  I would prefer this to end as painlessly as possible.
I also plan to *insist* on having the referral appointment made before I leave the office, given their track record at forgetting to and failing to do things like set up follow-up appointments, labs, inform me of test results, etc. even after I nag them.

Wish me luck.


Chip said...

"I like you, I just... I don't think we've really hit it off. I think it's best if I see other neurologists. You know? No, it's not you, it's me. Well, maybe it's you. I mean, you're just not attentive to my needs, you know? Look, someday you'll meet the right patient for you, and I'll be happy for you..."

Shoveling Ferret said...

Nice. I've been contemplating going that route, but these two are so clueless it would just wind up in a painfully embarrassing explanation.