Last week I was feeling particularly craptastic and didn't feel like looking at my Google Reader feed.  Holy crap do I have a huge backlog.  Even after I decided to just not even look at a few of my subscriptions, I still can't get it to say less than 1000.  Bleh.  Anyway, I'm working through it and hopefully will find a few cool things to share here on the blog.
I woke up at 5 again this morning, again because my CPAP hose had built up condensation.  I've ordered a tube cosy thing which is supposed to help.  I really hope it gets here soon.  I napped most of the afternoon without the CPAP and was reminded why that's a stupid thing to do.  I usually wake up with a splitting headache, stuffy nose, and I sweat like crazy if I sleep without it.  And any pain I have is usually worse because I didn't get adequate sleep in certain stages, usually REM when my brain starts going "holy crap, she's suffocating, wake her up!!!  Okay, it's cool, no, wait, crap!  Wake her up again!!!!"  Seriously, people, sleep is really important.  Don't skimp on it.

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