My latest amigurumi is driving me batty.  And I can't even complain about it properly here because it will ruin the surprise for the recipient.  Suffice to say I'm having troubles even though I've been following the directions.  Clothing is too big.  Other details are challenging to make.  I feel like crap and my brain is extra foggy, so that adds extra fun.  It's probably a good thing you can't really stab anything with a crochet hook or there would be even more trouble.

On the brighter side, I'm really enjoying Remember the Milk so far.  I'll try to remember to write up a more detailed review later on when I've used it a bit longer, but so far, so good.  I especially like the ease of setting up recurring tasks without having to assign a time.  This might not seems such a big deal, but for me, with a very fluid schedule based on health and sleep cycle, it is very, very handy.  And it really has helped me in remembering chores.


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