Diddly Squat*

Yesterday's running around did me in today.  Despite having gone to bed early last night I simply could not get out of bed today before 5 PM.  And I'm still tired and achy.  Eh.  It happens.  I apparently used up all my spoons yesterday.

I am, however, very much looking forward to the Renegade Craft Fair tomorrow in Wicker Park.  I'm not sure if I'll manage photos or even if I'll wind up purchasing anything, but I do want to check it out.  Hopefully I will be able to deal with the crowds without turning into the amazing super-spastic freak-out girl.

I'm still working on my shawl.  I'm contemplating starting a beret with a lovely skein of Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick in Fig, but I can't decide whether to knit or crochet it.  The issue with knitting being that near the end I'll have to find some double pointed needles (or so I gather, having never knit in the round before).  The issue with crocheting being that it can sometimes be harder on my hands than just knitting.  And also that I just sort of dumped all my hooks into a drawer when we moved...  And then there's the overarching issue of not feeling like doing diddly squat.

Suggestions by readers are appreciated, even if you just tell me to do diddly squat.  Or if you can advise me as to good passive diddly squat activities.  Or good shows to add to my instant play queue on Netflix.  I need to mix it up a little before I OD on The A-Team.  

Also, I managed the other day to set up "reactions" for my blog posts.  They don't show up in RSS feeds, but if you're so inclined to come click random check boxes on the actual post here on the blog, feel free.

*In case you hadn't noticed, today's phrase of the day is  "diddly squat".  Say it out loud a few times and you might understand why.

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