Beware the pink ninja

Peeking Ninja
I had to be very careful to sneak up on this little ninja hiding behind the book on Akhenaten. Once I coaxed her out, though, she was quite willing to pose.
Portrait Pink Ninja

This is actually the first project I've made from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden, even though I've had the book for ages. I enjoyed making it which is another reminder that I need to do it more often. Duh!
I did have a bit of trouble gripping the embroidery floss for the throwing star and my hand started to cramp and the ending portions of the head pattern confused me slightly, but I think I got it all working properly anyway so no big deal. And I love the little crocheted throwing star.
I don't think you can quite make it out, but she has embroidered brown eyes with lashes.
Oh, and Oreo stole the body before it was stuffed and tried to run off with it, but I rescued it at great personal risk. Srsly. I could have tripped while trying to catch him. :P

This is a birthday gift for a dear friend who is well known for a) pink; and b) her fondness for the Amarna Period. Her birthday actually isn't until Friday but I'm gambling she's too busy to catch this blog post. If not: Happy Early Birthday!!!!

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