Apartment hunting continues

The search continues. We're supposed to see the inside of a place we have very high hopes for on Saturday. It is outside the city. The more we think about it, the more we like the idea of getting out of the neighborhood and also potentially out of the city. Since I'm not in coursework anymore and am not terribly likely to continue with my dissertation there's not a deep need to stay in the neighborhood on my part. The only thing I currently have to do in the neighborhood is all medical. It would be nice for Tom to stay in the neighborhood as at the moment his commute consists of walking a few blocks.
Unfortunately, finding an apartment in the neighborhood that accepts dogs, is somewhat larger than a refrigerator box, is not on the upper floors of a walk-up, and is not in the freakin' ghetto for less than $900/month is really, really difficult. Yes, I know it's the city. I know housing is at a premium. I still think it's ridiculously expensive. And what the hell is with taking cats and not small dogs? Is it the noise potential? Because in my experience cats can be a hell of a lot more destructive than dogs and, if their owners don't clean up after them, have the potential to leave a lingering stench.
We've also considered the Bridgeport neighborhood, but the presence of the White Sox has me a bit worried - noise, traffic, NOISE (every home run gets a fireworks barrage that we can hear in our current apartment), stupid drunks, etc.
Anyway, strain plus heat yesterday is still making my delayed sleep phase disorder waaaay worse. And I'm extra shaky and twitchy with a side of Elvis-pelvis. And having random numbness again - the usual last two fingers of the right hand plus the tip and bottom of the first section of my right big toe - figure that one out. It seems like every time I start to get used to how I feel and start to wonder if maybe I can "push" a bit more I run into something a bit more stressful and discover that I still have virtually no reserves and cannot cope well with even minor, stupid strains. And it manifests physically. Poo.
Anyway - the more I think of it, the more I think that despite potential commute hassles, living outside the city, especially some place with a yard-type thing, near a nice little lake, that is several hundred dollars less than what we're paying now would be WONDERFUL! We can pay down our debts a bit more and stash a bit more in savings while I attempt to find work I can actually do and/or acquire disability. Oreo and I might have a yard to putter around in and/or a nice porch to hang out on. We might get to know more people (in person) who aren't academics (not that I don't love our academic friends, but it's always good to expand). There are a bunch of sweet little shops and stuff within walking distance (even for me, on a good day) that might make it easier for me to get out and about a bit.

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