Super Pitiful

Not a terribly eventful day - Oreo was a bit grumpy though. He woke us up at 5 AM wanting a drink, howled at the phone when it rang later in the day, and was generally a lump. Possibly related to last night's bath. He has, however, made up for it by coming and crawling onto my lap in the past few minutes.
I got out a bit today to see a friend off on a trip. Also managed to find a bed-chair-pillow thingie at Target for $15. I've been wanting one for several months but wasn't willing to pay $40 or more - I need the extra back support and the arm rests are very good for when I'm crocheting or knitting. I've also gotten a good chunk of crocheting done on the bag I've been working on.

The reason for this post's title, however, is this:
Sad O
Do you see how shamefully we neglect our doggie? How utterly dejected and pitiful he is, as you can see in his reflection here as he sadly rests on his floppy frisbee, tennis ball propped against his weary cheek? I simply had to capture this photo as we sat down to dinner and Oreo demonstrated his total sadness at our failure to either trade him our food for his toys (temporarily, he always wants them back) or to be distracted by his toys long enough for him to steal our dinner.
As I mentioned, though, he seems to have decided he loves us again - after he got his usual share of pasta fagiole on top of his dog food. And, despite our attempt to take all the beans out of his portion, I don't think we succeded, because he is totally gassing me out while on my lap. These are the times when I regret quitting smoking - I didn't notice dog farts then...

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