Sort of new finished object

I realized I never posted about a piece I made for my mom for Mother's Day, months and months ago. I used this pattern from simple arts planet. The pattern was VERY well written and easy to understand, with plenty of photos to help you along. I had featured this pattern when I first found it and fell in love with it, so I wound up purchasing it to make as a gift.

Me being me, I did change it up a bit. I used acrylics instead of cottons. I used worsted weight yarn instead of fingering weight. I went up a hook size, primarily to help save my hands. And I changed the colors to match my mom more. I was not paying sufficient attention when I did the hair, so the hair cap is a little oversized, but that's all my fault and I think it still turned out okay. I also added a few sprigs of dark hair to the baby with embroidery floss, since I was born with a full head of black hair.

So, here she is:
Mummy's Love

Seeing how differently she turned out from the original piece by saplanet has made me interested in trying to find some cottons to work with at some point in the future. I really think cottons probably work better for humans and other not-fuzzy things. I think I'll stick to wool and acrylics for fuzzy things though.

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