Well, at least I didn't stuffocate*

I have an ongoing battle with my CPAP.  It has a built-in humidifier, which is awesome. My problem is getting the setting on the humidifier just right - too little and my nose dries out and I get a headache, too much and water settles in the hose and makes this horrific thunking noise when I breathe, which usually wakes me up.
I recently went up a size in nasal pillows (I swear to Jebus, my nostrils got stretched by the smaller ones) to get a better seal.  So, I figured I would go up a setting on the humidifier because my nose had been dry the past few mornings.  About 5 AM the scary thunking started and woke me up.  So, I turned off the airflow (because it can be a bit loud and annoying if the mask isn't in place) and fumbled around to drain the little bit of water that causes the problem, dropped the humidifier setting back down, put the mask and headgear back on and went back to sleep.
Only I forgot to turn the airflow back on.  Which I didn't notice until several hours later when Tom was getting ready for work.  I only noticed because I said something to Oreo (probably to tell him to quit chewing on himself) and didn't have the weird gasping sound and choking sensation I usually get if I try to talk when the airflow is on.  
I'm guessing this has something to do with why I'm especially tired today.  

*Yes, "stuffocate" - I like made-up ,little-kid-like neologisms.

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