Slow Day

I had a rheumatology appointment today.  No news, really.  They tried to access my genetic test results (all part of the same medical center) and couldn't - there was simply a note saying it was "held" and "Dr. (name changed to protect the inconsiderate) will call."  We're not sure if that means he's supposed to call the lab or call me or what.  The rheumatologists think that's weird too.  
I'm so tired of this.  And I've had it so ingrained in me over a lifetime that I'm the one who is unreasonable (even when I'm not) that second-guessing myself is taking a lot out of me. Combine that with the authority society tends to vest in doctors and this is even less fun.
I also regret not having asserted myself from the start.  I thought if I was polite (meek) and quiet and tried not to be a "problem" or "bother" anyone that everything would be fine. Clearly, that isn't necessarily the case.

I hope these sorts of posts will at least help other people who are in situations similar to mine or help them avoid these sorts of situations all together.


Chip said...

I'm pretty sure you have a legal right to information about your own test results. Do you have any lawyer friends? Maybe if you take one along to the doctor's office it'll intimidate them into giving you what you want. The lawyer doesn't have to perform any lawyerly duties, just be there to show them you're not kidding around.

Cari said...

Make a ruckus! I used to be polite too, and then a dr put me on some medication that literally made me want to kill myself. Before that I was misdiagnosed TWICE, all the while I knew exactly what I had but no one listened to me. I think I sent the doctor who did a thank you card.