The Joy of Gardening

I made myself dinner tonight.  This is quite an achievement for me, actually.  Nothing particularly elaborate - some canned button mushrooms sauteed in garlic, white wine, red pepper, fresh flat-leaf parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, and butter served over rice.  Tasty. Especially exciting, though, was that the fresh parsley came from our indoor garden window-box-esque thing!  It was ridiculously exciting and satisfying to me to go pick some parsley, rinse it in the sink, and use it.  I was sufficiently enthusiastic about it to make Tom laugh.  :)
As I'm still awake (20 hours of sleep will do that), I decided I wanted some tea.  I picked up some ginger tea Friday night, along with a beautiful Asian-inspired infuser mug with lid.  It has a dragon on it (I lurve dragons).  It was $5.  I felt craptastic and shopping is therapy.  Therefore, mug.  :)
Anywho, I made my ginger tea and went and grabbed some fresh mint leaves to add in.  Ginger + mint + honey = delicious.  I wish I had thought of this in the depths of winter - warm and warming beverages without caffeine are always welcome!  I think I may try some iced ginger tea when/if summer arrives too.  Maybe ginger, lime, and honey.  Ginger supposedly has some anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being good for grumpy tummies, so maybe I'll see some side benefit on the pain and thyroiditis front too.

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