Bit late "today"

I slept through most of the day (again) and then caught up in crafty stuff before posting for Thursday.  
I've been having fun decoupaging a pencil box to hold a gift for my parents.  And I've just finished (for now) a very mediocre, if not outright bad watercolor.  Playing with paints was fun, though.  
I still haven't gotten around to deciding on my linoleum stamp designs.  So, that's being put-off until tomorrow.
I'm still being bedeviled by headaches and backaches, despite getting plenty of sleep.  At least today's headache didn't start until I'd been up for a little while.  

Today's episode of Star Trek was "The Conscience of the King" (actually, I watched The Menagerie too, but didn't notice anything snark worthy)
Notable details:
  • Lenore Karidian's fur (fake) minidress when she comes aboard to beg for a ride.  I can't find a photo, which seriously upsets me.
  • "All this power, throbbing and surging, yet under control."  Wow, that was really damn subtle, there, Lenore.
  • Riley shouldn't have been sent down to engineering to protect him.  He totally deserved some pain and possible death after his stupid-ass shenanigans in The Naked Time. Especially the singing.  Lenore's attempt at murder was totally deserved.  
  • Dude, phaser overload - why not just leave?  Also, are the captain's quarters really open to anyone?  Or is it just anyone of the female persuasion?  Or are we supposed to infer that Lenore spent the night and popped the phaser in the light box while Kirk was freshening up?
  • Are there no dental or DNA records in the 23rd Century?  Kodos/Karidian and the body burned beyond recognition?  Dental records were used in forensics in the 1960s.  Surely a sci-fi writer could have extrapolated the idea of DNA identification.  
  • Lenore has a serious case of the bat-shit crazies.  
  • According to the Memory Alpha entry for this episode, Matt Groening named Kang and Kodos after Star Trek characters - Kang come from the episode Day of the Dove.


Chip said...

My personal theory on this episode is that the writers were sitting around brainstorming and said, "Sure, I know we promised the studio a 'wagon train to the stars' and all, and they're pretty disappointed with the weird alien salt vampires and creepy psychic children and stuff we've been giving them instead, but you know what would help audiences relate to this show? More Shakespeare references!"

Tom said...

I don't think that the watercolor was bad or mediocre at all. It was the first thing I noticed this morning when I got up, and I liked it.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Chip - do you figure that's also the idea behind the space hippy episode?

Tom - thanks for the compliment. I am rather proud of my palm trees.