This entry is useless without pics

Despite having been fairly productive on the craft front the past week, I can't post pictures today.  It's been nasty and rainy and dark all day, so decent photos aren't happening.  Maybe tomorrow.  I will, however, tantalize you all by telling you that I painted a flower-pot in imitation of Predynastic Egyptian white cross-lined ware.  And I finished making a brain slug for a friend.  It's being presented this evening, and I hope to get a photo.  I also finished my gift for my mom for Mother's Day.  Yes, I know it was last week.  Still have to take a picture of it and get it in the mail.   So, with luck, there will be some photos posted this weekend.

I also have to decide which fiber project to start next: 
  • Amigurumi for some friends (not saying what exactly as some of them read this and I'll be all grumpy if I ruin the surprise)
  • Amigurumi of my parents for their 30th anniversary next month
  • Amigurumi with Egyptian themes for some professors of mine
  • My very first knitting project.  I have to actually decide WHAT to make.  I'm not that inclined to make a scarf, I know it's the typical thing, but it seems sort of...bleh.  Maybe a hat?  Suggestions are welcome.  My preference is for something that isn't a huge undertaking at the moment and, preferably, doesn't require a large quantity of yarn (I'm running out of storage space, despite concerted attempts to use up my stash)
And I have the following things I want/need to do:
  • Design and carve some lino blocks for fabric printing/stamping
  • Sew some tea towels and table linens
  • Sew the pajamas and dress I have fabric and patterns for that have been hanging around since January
  • Sew a (or possibly multiple) hook and needle cases
  • Sew a bag or purse of some kind with the sweet fat quarters I have
  • Start playing with watercolor painting, if only for the hilarity of how craptastic my paintings will be
And, I have some research to do in the next few weeks to see if I'm going to climb back into the academic saddle.  I suspect there will be chafing.

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