No pictures

And I failed to take photographs again today.  My back and legs are extra grumpy and I was extra tired and spent way more time in bed than usual today.  And then went grocery shopping.  My husband continued his record of always managing to inadvertently pick the worst possible cart.  I, yet again, refused the siren call of the riding cart things.  However, we stocked up on groceries, including the makings for a few new recipes to try - I will try to post how they turn out.  And I stocked up on Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream which, I'm reasonably certain, contains cocaine or heroin as I inevitably eat the entire pint and still want more.  It has replaced Dublin Mudslide in my affections.  
I also totally forgot to get photos of the brain slug before it was given away.  However, the slug is GREATLY appreciated by its new owner and I have begged for in situ photos.  

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