Things I learned from Star Trek

So, late last night/early this morning while working on finishing up a crochet project and suffering through insomnia (I'll post pictures eventually) I had Star Trek Season 1 on in the background courtesy of my nifty Roku and Netflix (I'm still loving the Roku, by the way).
I learned the following things:
  •  I had developed a Pavlovian response to commercial breaks courtesy of the episodes I have on VHS taped off of New Orleans TV in the mid 1990s.  Seriously.  Waiting for Michael Herbert (Pronounced "ay-bear") to come on.  Scary.
  • I had forgotten how casually sexist the show was.  Hilarious, yet sad.  Seriously, the crew looking at Rand or Uhura like pieces of meat and using terrible pickup lines.  Camera angles directly focused on women's booties?  The assumption that women are weak and fragile creatures...  Sigh.
  • Their makeup people were on crack.  DeForest Kelley really didn't need blue eyeshadow people.  No man needs pink lip gloss.
  • Eyeliner on a guy indicates evil almost as well as a goatee on a Vulcan. (Check "animal" Kirk in The Enemy Within)
  • Spock pimp-slapping the salt creature to prove it isn't "Nancy" in The Man Trap while grunting out "Could Nancy take this, Doctor?" will never, ever fail to make me laugh hysterically.
  • Thinking of The Enemy Within, I think I need attach some antennae/horns/weird tail/spikes to Oreo to make him a space dog.  I just won't run him through any transporters.

Space Dog

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