Slow Day 2

So, resetting the sleep schedule was a big fat fail.  I set an alarm, I woke up, I got up to take meds.  Then, like an idiot, I got back in bed to read for a while and promptly fell back asleep.  For the rest of the day.  And woke up feeling awful.  Thanks weather.
I also realized that Mother's Day is way closer than I thought, so I've been crocheting a gift for my mommy while watching the US version of The Office on the Roku. (Some really frightening parallels to people I know in that show.  Plus, watching the Pam/Jim romance unfold from the beginning makes me all girly-happy.) I took a break when my hand started to ache to look into different types of therapeutic gloves.  I have some, but they don't really support my fingers and my pinky and ring finger are not happy.  I also have to wear them inside out to keep the seams from rubbing funny.  And my hands get fairly sweaty in them.  Also, they're ugly, which isn't a huge deal, but it would be cool to remedy that.

Craft Glove
So, I'm looking into the following:
IMAK  - these have the advantage of being cotton-blend for breathability and they have good finger coverage.  They are a bit pricey, but they seem to get good reviews
"Miracle Gloves"  - Inexpensive, recommended in a Ravelry thread I checked out (still looking in to other suggestions there), adjustable wrists.  They do look a bit thick though, which could be a problem for summer-time.
Handeze - Also a bit pricey, seams might be a problem...
Wii Boxing Gloves - What?  How are these not appropriate?
Isotoner Arthritis Gloves - Seams are on the outside, flesh toned...
Thermoskin - Adjustable wrists, good reviews, grippy exterior fabric, plus they're all space-age looking.  A bit pricey.

Anyone have experience with these?  Other suggestions?  

I hope to make my own eventually, at least for fun fashion accessories.  I especially want to try some cotton fingerless gloves for longer walks in the summer because sweaty hand + cane = suck.

Looking for options here has also reminded me how hard it is to find this sort of thing for some people.  If you think of who most people regard as "typical" arthritis sufferers you probably think of older/elderly people.  While there are notable exceptions, these are also people who may not have computer access and/or who may not be comfortable with finding or ordering products online.  It's horrible that it can be hard (at least in my experience) to find these sorts of products in stores or at least find a selection to choose from.  I got lucky finding mine in a Hobby Lobby.  I've looked elsewhere - in other craft stores, in drugstores, in Target and Walmart and have rarely, if ever, seen similar products.  I can't help but wonder how many people have given up on hobbies that they love because of hand pain who might have found relief using these sorts of gloves but who have no idea that they exist or who simply cannot find them.  If you or friends or relatives have this problem PLEASE consider getting them a pair as a gift, just to try out.  This isn't limited to hands either - there are similar items for other major joints.  

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