I do occasionally make something (Crochet Hook Handles Pre-Bake)

So, after stumbling onto a video showing how to make your own crochet hook handles I absolutely had to take my 40% off coupon down to the local Michaels and grab me a Sculpey color pack and some cheap aluminum Boye hooks. I love this idea, not just for the fun, easy DIY aspect, but also in hopes that these larger handles will help with my hand problems. (I recently scored a Clover Soft Touch and have enjoyed it, but DIY is even better.)
I spent a good part of this evening having loads of fun playing with the polymer clay, stuffing the hooks into it, and writing on the new handle bases (so I'll know what size the hook is). I basically taped some aluminum foil to my lap desk to give myself a reasonably flat, non-sticky, non-transfer surface to work with. Oreo was fascinated until he decided I was not doing anything truly food related. I'm waiting for the oven to heat as we speak so I can bake these bad boys. I'm looking forward to trying them out in the next day or two. I think I might have overworked my hands playing with the clay, but it was fun and therefore worth it.

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