Home already, round one of testing complete!

We managed to get the second part of our appointment done earlier today, so we're already home.  Things went very smoothly - not even a hint of panic for me!  The EMG did show some myopathy and paresis in my thigh muscle.  We'll see what more gets made of that.  I actually found the nerve conduction test sort of entertaining - being shocked makes me giggle, or maybe it was my leg moving without me doing anything.
The EMG with the needle was not the most pleasant thing ever, but wasn't too bad.  My hugely nerdy self couldn't help but think the sound of my muscles sounded awesomely like the feed from a radio-telescope.  *Hiss-crackle-crackle*
Anyway, I'm super-proud of myself for not being a total wuss.  I definitely couldn't have done it without the hubby there.  
Still a little bit sore from the tests and I really need to wash the EEG goo out of my hair.  Tomorrow is the MRI - no worries about that really, I've done it twice before and have the drill down.  So long as I'm lying down when they put the IV in, I'm cool.
The plan for the rest of this rainy day is, I think, to chill out at home.  If it weren't raining, I would be all about a trip to the zoo, but not so much.  Maybe later in the year.

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