Hair Club for Fey, my latest WIP

Not to worry, the hair transplant will be completed soon, but for now, he looks like a rather batty monk...

Hair-club for Fey

Hair-club for Fey

So, my dad admired Lorcan when he saw the photos and hinted that he might like one himself. I started on another leprechaun when we were out visiting last month, but couldn't quite get him finished. Last time I talked to my mom, she mentioned that Dad had sort of mournfully asked where his leprechaun was. :) So, I've got to get this new one finished in time for Dad's birthday next week. He has black hair, as Dad has a distinct bias against redheads (long story involving an ex-wife...) and he's a bit smaller, hopefully enabling him to either be a good-luck charm dad can fit in a pocket or that he can hang in his truck.
I still haven't been able to decide on a name - suggestions are welcome. I am planning on making a more cowboy-style hat for him, as Dad is the most authentic cowboy I know (or at least was when he was younger, but I don't think that's something you exactly lose).

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