Latest project - Lorcan

So, the latest thing I've worked on was a leprechaun, based on the fabulous human amigurumi pattern from Geek Central Station.  I named him Lorcan, which is Gaelic for "little fierce one."  I used Caron Simply Soft Eco for his "pants"  and hat, a random Red Heart skein of variegated green that I've had for years, and Lion Brand Wool Ease for the flesh tones, and Lion Brand wool borrowed from my hubby for his hair, along with some 6mm snap-on eyes.  The hair was quite time consuming - I threaded each strand individually - and then trimmed it - I love the crazy quality it gives him.
I had thought of doing a beard but couldn't find a way to make it work (well, I got too impatient to figure out a way) with yarn and didn't feel up to cutting felt with sufficient precision - shaking hands make things like that a bit too exciting.  So, his face is pretty spare of features, but I think he's cute anyway.
The pictures my husband took of him in his new home at work are fabulous. 

Lorcan the Leprechaun Outdoors

Lorcan the Leprechaun indoors


Geek Central Station said...

He's really cute! I love the way the variegated yarn turned out on his shirt. And his hat is very jaunty. Good job!

Shoveling Ferret said...

Thanks! The hat I sort of made up as I went along - I had initially intended to make more of a stove-pipe hat and do a buckle with yellow felt but then got thoroughly impatient and decided more of a bowler hat would be perfectly adequate. :)