I think we may be lighter on content today than usual.  My lack of sleep Sunday night, cluster of medical appointments Monday and Tuesday, and the stupid-ass cold weather are making me achier and stupider than usual.  (Case in point:  I tried to schedule a follow-up appointment for 11 PM and it took me a minute to figure out why the very nice lady helping me was looking at me so oddly.  Though more flexible clinic hours would be cool...)  Even just the short trips to the hospital tend to be draining for me, though the walk is good for me.  No news, really.
Oreo is quite grumpy, however.  He's gotten used to me being home all day and my coming and going has not only left him without his preferred back warmer, but has also disturbed his daytime naps when he hears me at the door (barking is a required greeting, sometimes he even stands up and gets off the couch).

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