Year in Review

The year started off pretty normal. I did some adjuncting. I did some crafting. I had a shitton of migraines and Fibro and CFS.
My dad’s neck cancer came back. 
It was the 10 year anniversary of my first and unexpectedly only trip to Egypt. 
Then in mid November my husband of 11 years (together for 16) and I decided to divorce.
In the space of 11 days I sorted through what I wanted to keep, packed it, arranged the divorce, organized travel for me and my dogs, and taught my online class with the help of some lovely friends and soon to be wasband and then flew cross country to Las Vegas to move in with my parents. 
I’ve applied for more jobs than I can count, hoping maybe I can manage full-time employment, though just full days of activity have been kicking my ass. 
I’ve had an interview with a temp agency. 
My fabulous parents bought me a new car. 
So, a hell of a year here at the end. 
I’ve had worse, to be honest. But 2015 better be awesome, dammit. 
Hoping it will be for all of you, too.

I'm hoping to do some more blogging now, especially while I look for more work. Maybe some day trips around Vegas and random hilarity. :)

So look for us here this year: 

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jeaniebabb said...

I missed this due to my own weird issues. Things like eye surgery in November followed by a dislocated right shoulder twice in less than a week for Thanksgiving.
I have had too many friends getting divorced. It is not fun or funny. Big hugs!
I hope you have many options for employment in Nevada and I envy you your parents. I might tell you about the ones I had some other time.