Today's news

Went with my parents to see he oncologist this morning. The good news is that the main tumor has shrunk to near invisibility with chemo. It is not gone, it will grow back, and it will become resistant over time. The next step really needs to be radiation, but Dad has not been able to handle the procedure involved in the past. Hoping we can get in to talk to the doctor who handles that to see I'd there are some creative adjustments that could be made.

He's lost some hair, but he looks and sounds good.

I'm exhausted. Will be resting the next few days.


Julie said...

Depending on how long ago it was that he tried radiation treatment before, well, technology has come a long way. I hope they find something for him. For now, to quote my mother on radiation treatment, "The way they keep flipping me over, I feel like a grilled cheese sandwich."

Justine James said...

It was just a few months ago. They wanted to start treatment with radiation and chemo, but he could not handle the mask and position