My birthday is tomorrow and I just realized it will be the first time in my life my Nana won't sing Happy Birthday for me.
But it does make me smile remembering all the times she did.

In other news, I hate mosquitoes. And the Topamax has not yet made me a total wreck. My arthritis is flaring up like whoa though. I have sausage fingers and a swollen knee. Grumble.


Barbara said...

Everyone I know is suffering increased aching and paining lately. I'm blaming the La Nina weather we had all (non)winter and continuing into spring(ish). I'm at the same crying while smiling when memories of Mom surface, and they're bobbing up lime manic sea lions these days. Happy birthday, to you, Ferret. I'm a sucky singer but I'd be glad to call and caterwaul to you if I had your number. I'm already tearing up just at the thought that Mom won't be calling on my birthday this year. Sucks.

Barbara said...

"like" manic sea lions... sheesh.

Justine James said...

Ohh, thanks Barbara!
My mom called and sang to me. I scared her and told her she was on speaker phone and she thought I was in public and a bunch of random people had heard her sing. LOL Oreo and I were her only audience. Oreo did lots of confused head tilting.

Tom was off playing pirate. Although she calls and sings to him too.