Ferret Dance!

Woman's one-piece bathing suit, 1920s, USAImage via WikipediaTom begins his new job today.  Oreo and I got up early to see him off along with Susan and Brownie and Blue.
It's hard to believe we've only been here a little over a week.
Oreo is getting along pretty well with Brownie and Blue - Susan's two doggies that Tom and I actually rescued as dumped puppies waaaay back in 2002 just before (like just weeks) before I moved to Chicago.  Susan took Brownie and eventually wound up with Blue as well.
Last time all three dogs were together was right after Katrina and they did not get on well.  They're doing much, much better this time.  Oreo follows Blue around like an obnoxious little brother.
Susan has a big front window that goes almost to the floor.  The dogs like to peek out of it and bark as needed.  At first Oreo just barked because they were barking.  Then he figured out he should go to the window.  Then he was barking face first into the sheers.  He seems to have mostly figured out the window concept.
He also does a 360 bark routine when the others are barking and he doesn't know why.  Silly doggie.

Tom and I have found an apartment.  We're hoping to get the application, etc. done today.  Two bedrooms, two full baths, a full kitchen including a dishwasher, patio, washer/dryer hookups, central AC and, hilariously, a gas fireplace.  I will be sending photos of the gas fireplace to our Chicago friends in January because I'm a terrible person.  There is a pool.  A hot-tub.  A workout center.  It's set back from the beach, but the property in front is still vacant (very common around here).  Our patio looks onto a little patch of woodsy area in the complex.  I'm looking forward to restarting an herb garden.

I am already browsing inspiration on line for the second bedroom.  We want it to be a guest room.  I also want an office and crafting space.  And I want a quiet meditation spot.  I think we may go with a closet workspace in the guest room - there are some really cool ideas.  We are getting a queen bed from Tom's sister and I am wondering about pushing it against a corner to create a day-bed most of the time that can be centered in the room for guests.

For a quiet/meditation/retreat place, I think I may try part of our bedroom with a folding screen or maybe another closet.  I'm most likely to feel the need for a brief retreat when guests are visiting (nothing against guests, I just get over stimulated sometimes), so having the retreat in the guest room is probably not the best of ideas.

I experimented with driving last week and managed fairly well.  Hopefully that will continue and we can get another vehicle so I can run errands during the day.

I also found a great fitness bathing suit on clearance and a quarter-zip UPF 50 shirt.  I'm really looking forward to the pool.

We've done a bit of walking on the beach too.  Lots of jellyfish so I've been hesitant to go out far or actually swim. I have bad luck with things that sting.


cholling said...

So glad you escaped from your urban prison! Enjoy the beach and sun. But you're right to avoid swimming in the Gulf... as a matter of fact, I thought that was still off-limits?

Shoveling Ferret said...

The beaches are open and we haven't seen any signs prohibiting or even warning about swimming. Between having been stung by a sting ray my first time in the Gulf at 13, being generally attractive or sensitive to things that have venom of some kind, and seeing all the damn jellyfish, I'm way too chicken to swim or even wade very far.
Beach walking is very nice though, especially in my FiveFingers.