Tough Gals: Do They Still Exist?

Perhaps you could enlighten us, Ms Aloi, as to how you view orchards as you have an entire blog devoted to apple orchards. Seems kind of girly to me, but what the hell do I know? I mean I knit, crochet, sew, and enjoy a good cupcake, and like to be "pretty" now and then. And clearly those activities mean that I am insufficie­ntly "tough" especially when compared to the paragons of toughness one can view on the television once a week.

Never mind that I've been on 3 archaeolog­ical expedition­s to Sudan and Egypt. Or that I have faced disabling chronic illness that completely changed my life and work over the past few years. Never mind that I stump around with a cane to get where I need to go on days when I'd rather curl up in bed with whatever pain relievers I can find. Never mind that I have worked hard to keep my marriage happy and healthy for over 8 years.

I knit and that makes me girly.

You toss around ill conceived definition­s of what a woman should be and what constitute­s "toughness­."

Frankly, I think I'll happily stick with "girly." I'm not sure I want to be someone who fits your expectatio­ns or your definition of "awesomene­ss."
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Kaessa said...

I wanted to smack her with my cane. I knit, and because I'm not freaking Ripley or Xena, I'm not a feminist?

I worked in a male dominated field all of my life. I can shoot a gun and hunt my own food. But because I knit and I like to bake, I'm too soft and girly to be a feminist? I thought being a feminist was about being able to CHOOSE what you wanted to do with your life.

She can bite me.

Summer said...

I couldn't even skim the whole editorial. She's full of shit. It takes courage to appear "soft" and feminine.

Strength is opening your heart to someone after it's been stomped on repeatedly. And don't get me started on girly vs feminine.