Chicago Botanic Gardens

We went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens at the end of May, but I only just now got around to downloading the photos from my camera.

It's really beautfiul. I was really interested in their Enabling Garden. It's designed to be accessible for a variety of people. There are lots of suggestions and examples of ways to make gardening easier (or possible) for people with a variety of conditions.

Probably of most use were the examples of vertical garden planters and the raised planting beds.

Very cool!

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Claire L. Prideaux said...

Thank you for this... now if only I could afford to cement in or brick my back yard. I tried a vertical and very tall container garden, even lined it in garden fabric to help contain the soil, but the wood eventually bowed from the weight of wet soil. Cement or brick is definitely the way to go if you need a garden closer to waist height.