So, Laura Ingalls Wilder was even more hardcore than I thought

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What it looks like outside
We are having a blizzard.

I had to work today.  From 2pm to 10 pm.

At 9pm, the shuttle buses that the powers that be had claimed would run their normal schedule despite the blizzard, stopped running.

Oh yeah.  Awesome.  Lobby full of angry people.  My crippled ass wondering how the hell I'm supposed to get home.  (I didn't call in today because, silly me, I believed the whole "we have no plans to cancel the shuttle service")  The University of Chicago - it's about life of the mind, not life of the extremities.

Tom came to get me.  In the car.  The Saturn sedan.   Did I mention the blizzard?

I was literally whimpering by the time we got from the library to the car across the street.

Tom had to dig me out of the car when we got home.  He is my hero.

The wind is blowing so hard it's being driven through the screens on our windows.

Also, they weren't kidding about the thunder and lightening.  Do you know how weird that is?

Laura freaking Ingalls walked through this kind of shit.  In a skirt.  That my friends, is hardcore.

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Alwen said...

Your "white box" image cracked me up!

I re-read the Little House books a couple of years ago. Man, they went through some winters.

I'll take my wood-miserly soapstone stove over heating with twists of wheat straw any day of the winter!