Snowpocalypse 2011

Someone just came and dug us out, which was nice of them.  I wandered outside in my jammies to take some photos.  Earlier we couldn't get the screen door to open more than a few inches.  Fortunately for Oreo, the back door still opens.
The steps up to street level.  They had been filled in.

Window.  Snow got blown in through the screen.

The sidewalk.  The bigger mounds in the back are cars.

View to the east.

View to the west.

It's about 20 degrees F right now, but the windchill makes it feel -6.  We're supposed to drop to -2 tonight.  Fun times.

The university finally ordered the main library to close, recognizing that people might actually really die if they try to walk home after dark.

We're going to make some hot and sour soup in the Crockpot.  My hands are swollen up and hurt, but I might try knitting or spinning later if only to keep limber.  I'm debating bundling up and going to peek at the lakefront. 

In more somber news, our thoughts and hopes are with the citizens of Egypt right now.

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