NAMI Walks - 12 Days

I just wanted to remind all my readers that the Chicago charity walk for the National Alliance on Mental Illness is just 12 days away.

I will be participating in the 3 mile (!) walk with the help of my trusty cane and new, sparkly sneakers along with friends and family who have joined our walk team - the James Gang.

This is a big deal for me for several reasons:

  1. I've learned first hand the stigma that can go along with mental illness, not just in the general public but even among health care providers and want to fight it to improve treatment and access to treatment for everyone.  A huge part of that is helping people to realize that mental illness isn't a character flaw, isn't nothing to worry about, and can affect ANYONE at ANY TIME.
  2. This will be my very first charity walk.
  3. I care enough about this to walk 3 miles which for me with my various health issues is a fairly significant distance.
  4. I have awesome family and friends supporting me!
I really want to thank everyone who has already shown their support in various ways and want to encourage everyone who can to support us however you can.  I know things are tough for many people right now, but if you can spare even a little bit or pass this message on, it will help.

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