National Alliance on Mental Illness Chicago Walk

Tom and I and some friends will be walking in the National Alliance on Mental Illness walk in Chicago on September 19. This is an important cause for me in particular for a lot of reasons.
One is that regular therapy over the past few years has probably been one of the most, if not the most useful treatment I've received in terms of learning to cope with becoming disabled, having chronic health conditions, dealing with the unknown and unexpected, etc., etc. I'm deeply appreciative of all the professionals who have helped me and continue to help me.

Another is that I am all too aware of the stigma associated with mental illness. I understand it to a certain degree but I don't like it. I like it even less now that if affects me personally. I want to walk to show solidarity with others who have or have had mental illnesses of any kind.

A third is that the state of mental health care, particularly access to mental health care is in many ways absolutely pitiful. Public funding has been cut in many circumstances. Some of the people who most desperately need help and support whether it be crisis intervention or long term care often have little or no access to the help they need. I have been remarkably lucky in that our health insurance covers mental health care at all and that our coverage recently removed the yearly cap on office visits. Others are not so lucky.

Here is the link to my personal walker page: http://www.nami.org/namiwalks10/GCH/shovelingferret
And here's the link for our team page: http://www.nami.org/namiwalks10/GCH/jamesgang

Any support, whether it be moral support, sponsorship in any amount, or joining our team if you're in the Chicago area will be immensely appreciated, not only by me but by all the other people your donation will help.

I'm hoping to figure out a way to stick a permanent link/gauge over on my sidebar as well...
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Anonymous said...

good for you. too often, people with mental illness are overlooked.

hopefully, this century, many of the awful disease that plague people's lives can be eliminated. Everyone deserves a chance at a normal life.

the first step (in this case literally), is understanding and empathy and a desire to help.

i look forward to a day where folks with schizophrenia, bipolor and many other devastating conditions are given not just treatment but a cure.

it can happen in our lifetime. i just wonder sometimes why our goverments military budget is 43 times more than the next countries. imagine if it were only 40x bigger. those 3 little percentage points equal billions and billions of dollars that can be used to fund research to one day ultimately cure these conditions along with parkinsons, alzheimers, ms, als, cerebral palsy, etc...

i support the troops as much as anyone and of course want them to have the best training and equipment there is. i just feel that it might not be our job (we being our government) to be the worlds police.

or why doesn't one of these mega tycoons whose made billions and billions of dollars donate a few towards solving say, ms.

ellison can live on 24 billion as oppossed to 23 billion dollars. and imagine if they were to solve it because of that contribution.

hopefully, as they (the tycoons) get older, they will realize that you can't take it with you and some good things will happen (like the carnegies and rockfellers of a century ago who gave away tons of their money before they died).

anyway, hope you raise a lot of money and have a good day out.

Anonymous said...

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