Archaeological Field Records as Art

I was just messing around surfing on Wiki and glanced at the entry for the Hallstatt culture (Iron Age in Central Europe) and found this glorious watercolor of a series of graves excavated by Johann Georg Ramsauer in the mid 19th Century.  The records were apparently never published, but survived as folios.
Really, really awesome (to me at least). Field records can be that way, especially when dealing with highly decorative or "artistic" assemblages, but making these pit burials beautiful and alive was probably far more challenging. Very cool.


Bookewyrme said...

I really love the old watercolors of Egyptian Tomb paintings and grave goods and things. They're always so pretty and bright, like the originals would have have been and too often no longer are.


Alwen said...

That is cool!

And I saw it somewhere else fairly recently, but I can't figure out where!