First Project with Francis Done!

So, I got my first project done with Francis (and there's a photo of her all set up too!) I wanted to put up little curtains around a plastic shelving unit we have in the kitchen to make things looks a little neater. So, I cut and hemmed 3 panels (one for the side, two for the front) and used Velcro strips to attach them - we found some that had one side sticky and the other side sew-on. Sewing the Velcro was a bit of a challenge, so the zig-zag around it wasn't in exactly straight lines, but that's hidden so no big deal.

I got notice that my spindle will ship today. I'm very excited. Mmmm, spindle...

Blogger has been being stupid (or I have been) which is why the photos may be a bit wonky. I gave up fighting with it.

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Barbara said...

Oh, nice curtains. Much tidier looking. I've been holding off starting any sewing projects but the urge is getting harder to resist.