Today's experimentation

I've been playing with polymer clay some more for an already late birthday gift. Awesome.
Anyway, this lovely blurry photograph with the glare from my desk lamp shows some of the pieces prior to baking. I'll try for better photos post baking.
I really love the marbleing you can pull off with the clay. A whole lot. I need to get better at piercing round beads though. My clever plan to use bamboo skewers is not working as well as I'd like - I don't want holes that big/beads big enough to have holes that big in them.
Must re-plot.
I do have to say, though, I am loving my new clay blade. The shape cutters I have are cool, but the blade is super extra awesome.
Once this project is done I have some archaeologically themed stuff in mind.
Oh, and Ravelympics starting Friday night. Tee hee.

In other news, I think Oreo frightened someone away today. I was in the back of the apartment and am fairly certain I heard someone open our screen door. Usually this is the mail arriving. This time it wasn't. Oreo barked most ferociously and for much longer than usual with the mail person. And it wasn't the mail because it arrived several hours later. Much praise for my ferocious protector.
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