Latest Project

It's a re-usable/washable duster sleeve for a pronged hand-duster that might rhyme with "sniffer."
I used Sugar n Creme cotton (which you can't see it this super lazy photo I took with PhotoBooth) and Lion Brand Fun Fur and followed this pattern.  See here if you aren't on Ravelry.

Nifty coolness.
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Julie said...

DUDE. If you can knit that fun-fur craziness, you can knit ANYTHING. Or is it crochet? Well, either way, if you've successfully turned out a project with that stuff (and you have) you are officially INVINCIBLE.

Shoveling Ferret said...

It's crochet and yes, that shit is nuts to work with. If I'd had to do much more than make chains and slip stitches there would have been violence. The only benefit is the craziness and that it makes a nifty duster. Well, and that it looks like shaved muppet.