Holy crap, it's freezing

My mom left yesterday, sadly for her not in time to miss the excruciating cold (11 degrees F, with windchill it felt like -16).  I was very glad she came to visit and I think seeing me go through the basic neurology exam may have helped her understand things a bit.  She still tends to attribute a lot of my discomfort to "sitting around too much" but I can cope with that.  I wish it *was* because I sit around too much, unfortunately, regular attempts to be more active have demonstrated exactly what my limits are and what activities trigger major levels of pain.  So, I keep as active as I can up to the point where the pain and fatigue becomes too much.
Anyway, a very dear friend took us to the airport and then took me to do a bit of shopping yesterday.  I got supplies for Tom's Xmas present.  I also finally acquired some casual pants that fit properly - since last year when I gained weight I have had only two pairs of pants that aren't part of a suit that are big enough and both pair were jeans.  So, I have some corduroy pants now to, hopefully, keep me warm and stretch my wardrobe a bit.  Yay!  Also, I am definitely done in for trying on clothes for at least a month.

I've had a very couple of weeks and am thus sore and very tired.  Even though it's warmer today, the apartment feels very cold so I haven't felt up to doing much besides huddling on the couch with Oreo and the heating pad.  I'm hoping it will warm up later so I can work with polymer clay.  I have Xmas presents to make.

I'm trying not to worry too much about the somatoform thing.  We are trying to keep an open mind but Tom and I still don't think that it's a sufficient explanation for my symptoms.  There will be more discussion about this next week and I guess we'll see where that takes us.

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