And now I'm pissed

My prescription coverage (which we have to do via mail for long-term meds) refuses to fill the new prescription for Plaquenil in either the name brand or generic because:
this drug is NOT COVERED by your benefit plan OR may NOT BE THE APPROPRIATE REGIMEN as defined by your plan
Of course, they don't bother to tell me this until about 20 minutes ago, when it's too late to talk to an actual human at either my insurance office, the drug coverage office, or my doctor.  Sweet.  Asshats.
I left a message for my rheumatologist, though at the time I thought they just wouldn't fill it because she hadn't marked "may fill with generic" or something.
Hopefully we will get this sorted out after the new year.

I was really wanting to try this med in the hopes it would help with the fatigue and pain and other autoimmune issues. I had, in the very back of my mind even dared to hope that maybe it will let me get some independence back and make it possible for me to expand the pool of potential jobs.
Now, because we've commoditized health care, some paper-pushing bureaucrat with little or no medical training got to decide what medicine I should take without consulting me or my doctor.
I'll add, too, that this is not a new drug or a designer drug, nor even an outrageously expensive drug (though with our current financial situation it is something that will be a stretch on our budget.)  Anyway, I'm going to check and see if the maker of the name-brand stuff has a discounted/free meds program too, just in case my rheumatologist yelling at them doesn't help matters.

The next person who tells me that there is nothing wrong with the healthcare system in this country better be way the hell out of reach of my cane and/or my knitting needles.

I was already in a funk this week.  This is not helping.

ETA:   I guess I'm glad I only blew a little of my Xmas money on books and knitting needles - I can save the rest for sweet, delicious malaria meds that might fix my autoimmune brokenness if it turns out whoever makes Plaquenil doesn't have a "holy freakin' crap I'm not a millionaire but would like it if I could have a decent quality of life and maybe work for a living" program.

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