Already rejected by the place to which I sent the CV yesterday.  Probably shouldn't be surprised, I've been rejected every time I apply to that particular institution (uh, think Arizona and the particular college rhymes with "ataxia" which I though particularly appropriate for me) regardless of what I do to my CV.  Meh.

Sleep schedule is now messed up courtesy of a migraine last night (I typically can't sleep through them, but am exhausted afterward).

And my arms hurt just from the effort of pulling on a pair of lounge pants after a shower.  Awesome.

Anyway, if anyone has any leads on online teaching gigs in anthropology, archaeology, history, or general humanities, let me know.  I have a ton of search agents set up and manage to submit at least one application a week, but it's not doing me a hell of a lot of good.  Part of that is timing, except for some of the primarily on-line colleges, most places only hire around quarter or semester beginnings, so right now is bound to be a dry spell.  I strongly suspect that my degree in "Near Eastern Art and Archaeology' is mildly confusing to some people as it isn't a simple "History" or "Anthropology" and it's also possible that being a U of C grad is also somewhat off-putting as they may expect me to demand premium pay.  And I only have one prior "official" teaching position (even if it was as an instructor at Tulane) and no official TA jobs to list because TA positions were very difficult to come by for my particular generation of U of C grad students due to the weird way funding and fellowships and assistantships were/are set up.

Maybe I should figure out a way to discreetly describe the times I covered for professors who were too absent minded, lazy, or hung-over to show up for class...

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Chip said...

Discretely, hell. Just come right out and say it. Chances are they're looking for an instructor who will actually do the work their real faculty are unwilling to do, and your candor will be appreciated.