Adopt a Pompeian Dog: Discovery News

Adopt a Pompeian Dog: Discovery News
This is a great story about the solution to the problem of stray dogs wandering around the site of Pompeii.  The local authorities along with 3 animal welfare groups have rounded up the dogs, treated them for disease, sterilized them, microchipped them, and given them names (drawn from ancient residents of Pompeii) and name tags.  They've also set up a website to seek people to adopt the dogs.  Very nice.  You can learn more at the link above.

I'd really like to see Egypt do something similar.  Stray dogs are a fairly significant problem, especially as dogs are often regarded as ritually unclean, and they can be dangerous in packs or even singly depending on the situation.  Finding a  reasonably humane solution would be nice.  It probably wouldn't hurt PR either.

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