Something has triggered a return of pretty major tremors and twitches for me the past few days.  It's made doing things that require precision with my fingers...interesting.  I've been especially foggy lately too.  It's sort of hard to describe to people who haven't ever experienced it.  It's sort of like everything is slightly out of focus - things that you actually look at, but your mental processes as well.  For me, this means I spend a lot of time staring at walls or other things without actually seeing them while my brain has checked out, or require several repetitions from people in order to understand what they're saying or even register that they're speaking to me (Tom gets to experience that one the most - I'm sure he's thrilled).  And I forget where I was going with a sentence in the middle of it or can't remember words, often simple words, as I'm typing or speaking.
My pain levels have increased too.  And I've started getting very random sharp pinching pains that last only a few seconds at a time in very random places.  Like my earlobe.  WTF?  My earlobe?  What is that about?
So, the movement stuff and the brain fog means nearly everything has been on hiatus the past few days and will probably continue to be until I snap out of this or adapt to it, whichever comes first.

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