Bad day on the pain front - probably a mix of the result of extra spasm-y goodness lately plus all the stupid human tricks I had to do for the doctors yesterday. Napped much of the day.
Found out that the neuropsych cognitive testing does allow for differing ranges of intelligence, so if there are deficits for me it should be clear and not be explained as meeting "an average, so you're fine." Not trying to be a snob or anything but that was a bit of a concern for me because I've always tested well above "average" usually into the 99th percentile or higher. And I'll be really interested to see a) what the testing entails and b) what the results show. I certainly feel like there has been some decline, but whether that will show up in more objective testing will be interesting to see. Still waiting to hear when the testing is scheduled.
Went and watched the hubby's coworkers play softball and chatted with people. Ignored the less than tactful question from someone about why I wasn't playing. I totally wish I had thought to respond with "because the softball will dent my cane." Oreo got to come along and had fun begging for food and playing with a little girl. My kind of girl too - she was wary of him at first but then dived right in for petting, and kissing, and "woofing" at him. Ridiculously adorable. And Oreo was a very good little gentleman.
I'm now sacked out on the couch waiting until I can dose myself with more ibuprofen and re-reading Mairelon the Magician, soon to be followed by The Magician's Ward by Patricia C Wrede.

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