Last night I started seriously going through boxes of paperwork and clearing things out. It was very liberating to trash so much heavy paper. Most of it was the detritus of several years of graduate school - copies of articles that I will never read again, papers I wrote, notes, etc. I am offering some of it up to friends, but I suspect most of it is going to wind up trashed or recycled. If any of my readers want copies of articles on ceramic analysis, Egyptology, or anything else let me know. I'll ask you to pay shipping if you're not in the area, but they're all yours, snarky comments in margins and highlighting included. I can pull together specifics on titles, etc., if anyone really wants them.

Unfortunately, I also had the start of one of my worst migraines in quite some time last night. Serious nausea. It's still ongoing, but has finally faded to typical migraine level for me - which means I can still semi-function even if I am disinclined to move or talk much and noise and smells bother me. No TV either - oddly reading helps or is something I can do (I usually can't sleep through my migraines) to take my mind off the discomfort, but watching things just doesn't work.

We have an apartment viewing scheduled for tomorrow - our first look outside the neighborhood. Should be interesting - this place supposedly has an included washer and dryer, a fireplace, a large kitchen and some other nice features. It's also even less expensive than what we're paying now, let alone what we might have to pay if we stayed in Hyde Park and wanted a place comparable to what we have now. Rent is ridiculous.

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