Decisions, Decisions

So today Tom and I went and looked at an apartment in the neighborhood. It's $40/month more than we're paying now which is doable if not wonderful. It's a garden apartment down about 3 steps from street level with it's own entrances. Very nice new windows, most of which are frosted for privacy. Hardwood floors. Big. The dining room and living room are actually separate rooms as opposed to just slightly divided by a sort of archway like our place now. Bedroom seems big. There are closets. Big ones. Plus a storage locker right across from the back door. Typical kitchen for the neighborhood - fridge, gas range/stove, no garbage disposal or dishwasher. Shared coin-operated laundry. There is also a foyer/hallway thing that would be a nice place for bookshelves. The light isn't the best, but it isn't terrible either. There are two lovely ceiling fans already in place in the living room and dining room. The radiators are on the ceilings which opens up floor space and the windows being near the roof makes it easier to place furniture without blocking windows.
The place is on a quiet block closer to the lake than we are now. Much further from the hospital than we are now, but I'm reasonably confident there is either a bus route that will get me over there, I can beg a ride, or some way make my way to appointments without too much trouble.
So, we told the agent we'd let her know on Monday.
Saturday we see the place in Indiana. I'm very excited. Of course, part of why I'm excited is because I totally want to make new curtains and refinish a metal dresser and filing cabinet we have. That will theoretically be easier in the Indiana place, but still possible in the neighborhood place.
Anyway, that's what's up. Sorry about the excessive personal posts and the relative lack of crafty posts, but I'm not doing much crafting lately since I don't want to spread stuff out right before we move. And I've been busy looking for places to live and packing things up.
Also, I've had another bad flair of movement stuff start up again - I've been spasming and twitching almost constantly this whole week. And I've added to my repertoire, I now do this weird bowing from the waist thing with no say in the matter. Groan.

Oh, yes. On a totally unrelated note, if I weren't already deeply attached to the nickname Shoveling Ferret, I would totally go for this, especially since it has a Wiki entry.

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