Yet another slow day

I don't know if I wore myself out last week, if this is yet another permutation of whatever the hell is wrong with me, or if it's simply a bad flair of whatever is wrong with me and my thyroid meds haven't kicked in yet or what. Whatever it is, this has been a rough week. I had a migraine spanning Sunday to Tuesday with no more than a few hours pain-free between times. The remainder of the week I've been exhausted - part migraine hang-over, part something else. My pain levels have been up too, though I wasn't too terribly twitchy until today. And my hands are still swollen. Joy.
I've also started getting short of breath really easily again - no idea what that's about. Allergies, perhaps. Seriously, on occasion, just getting dressed has me panting. Anyway, definitely something to bring up the next time I see a medical-type person.

Tom kindly went to the library for me last night to get me some new reading material - First Man in Rome and I, Claudius. Yay! Now if I could just perfect knitting or crocheting while reading...

We've been making our way steadily through the new Doctor Who via Netflix and the Roku. Last night was the first episode of Series 2 - The Christmas Invasion. I giggled through the last part of it quite a lot - I totally want to save the world in my jim-jams. :P

I also played Wii Sports last night for the first time in well over a year. I was thinking maybe a bit of light exercise might make me feel better. While it was fun and I may try to start doing it more regularly, my arm is killing me today. And my age was calculated at 70. Thanks, Wii - I needed that. I would look into Wii Fit, but me + ataxia + balance board = trip to emergency room. Suck.

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