One of those days...

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Yeah. Thumb still hurts like hell. Meant to get up early today - didn't wake up until 5 PM. Extra twitchy too.
Dinner was excellent, though (Lemon Chicken - a lovely old family recipe that is always comfort food).
And, the above picture made me laugh loud enough and long enough for my chest to hurt. I think the penguin staring at the camera as if to say "What is that dork next to me doing?" is what did it.

No crafting today. :( Trying to give the hand a break.
Did watch Doctor Who. The Girl in the Fireplace made me all teary-eyed. Awwww. Strangely, Oreo started to whine about the same time I got all teary eyed and he wasn't even near me. Silly doggie. Maybe he liked Madame Pompadour too?

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