My First Purse

Last night I finally got around to using the fat quarters I bought back at the end of March. I decided I wanted to make a little purse of some kind and dug around on the internet looking for something I liked. I finally settled on this tutorial. It worked out really well because rather than precise measurements and pattern pieces it was more of a make it up as you go along thing. Or at least that's how it was for me.
This is the first time I've fired up my sewing machine since February and there were a few problems. Primarily the new bobbins I had bought didn't fit correctly on the bobbin winder. Not because they were necessarily the incorrect size but because they were pieces of crap plastic.
Anyway, once I decided to just stitch with white thread which I already had a good metal bobbin wound for that problem was solved.
Next up was cutting the fabric. My first experience using a rotary cutter was...interesting. I still have all my fingers, never fear.

Anyway, I learned quite a bit from this project:
  1. I really need a quilters rule or similar large clear plastic ruler thingie. Cutting things with the rotary cutter is exciting enough with shaking hands - not having something to guide the cutter makes it suck waaaaay more.
  2. I need to learn to take frequent breaks. My back and knees are still killing me from sitting too long without sufficient back support.
  3. Ball-topped pins melt if you iron over them. Eww.
  4. My iron is a piece of crap and needs to be replaced.
  5. Don't cheap-out on bobbins.
  6. My bias tape maker may or may not be a piece of crap. I need to try it with a really nicely cut piece of fabric before I make a final judgement. I'm leaning toward crap though.
  7. Fusible interfacing is pretty fun.
  8. I seriously need to quit with the "I must finish all of this now!" crap - it just wears me out and makes me hurt more, shake more, and is generally stupid.
  9. I can actually sew. Not really well yet, but I can do it. Yay!
Anyway, the next project is on hold until I get a quilters rule. I need to be able to make straight lines.

Here is the purse. I love this fabric. Must fine more/similar.
Purse outside

Purse inside

Purse ties

I carried it today and it was a nice little bag - enough for my wallet, phone, iPod, keys, and some tissue.

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