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Doggie!!!! Super-cute and very nicely executed amigurumi of a chihuahua.

This little guy reminds me of one of my favorite aspects of dog ownership in the city. Our neighborhood is fairly multicultural, so there are families who speak all sorts of languages around. I love walking with Oreo and seeing a family with little kids up ahead, chattering happily in their native language, only to see the kid break off, stare at Oreo, and announce loudly and happily: DOGGIE!!!!

Yes, "doggie" is apparently an international word because it doesn't matter what language the kid was speaking 30 seconds ago - it could be Spanish, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Russian, you name it. And Oreo gets extra wiggly cute when he hears it. And is always a very nice gentleman with the little ones, especially the shy ones.

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