Yay, haircut!

I got my hair cut today.  I went with a slightly shaggier/more texturized bob and short bangs again.  I really like it - it's a bit more fun to play with than my usual sleek bob.  I did miss styling wax and stuff from when I had super short hair - being able to run your hands through your hair, muss it up, and have it look cute was fun.  Plus I really like my hairdresser, which is a first and also very nice.
Also, my neck is hair-free again.  Thank god.  I have no idea how anyone copes with a mullet aside from looking like crap on toast.
Our plants seem to be settling in well.
I attempted crocheting in the car on the way to the salon - my bag pattern is pretty auto-pilot, so I can chat and work.  I don't think it's the best idea for me - I got a tiny bit motion sick and so put it away.  Oh well, fortunately I usually like staring out the windows on road trips, so if I have to pull a long haul in the car anytime soon (I really, really hope not) I won't be too miserable.

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