The past week seems to have been especially "foggy" for me - I've been needing/wanting to sleep much more than usual, my brains aren't working quite as well - lots more forgetting, total attention lapses, loss of focus, and general duhhhh-ness.  My pain levels have been a bit higher too.  And I've been disinclined to do much besides stretch out in bed or on the couch and read.  I'm not really depressed, though a bit disgusted with my inertia, just, I guess exhausted.  I certainly am finding it harder to motivate myself to do much.  Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon.  
Interestingly, Oreo has been far cuddlier with me lately as well.  I don't know if he feels a bit ick, if he senses that I don't feel too hot, or if it's just coincidence.  


Charles said...

When I had my "flu-like symptoms" that turned out to be a deadly mystery infection last year, Grommit got up on the bed for the first time in forever and licked my face. Dogs just know.

Shoveling Ferret said...

And this is why dogs rule. They are truly amazing.