Every year I mean to do my own Peep diorama and every year I forget...

Enrico Fermi reimagined as a marshmallow bunny on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Enrico Fermi reimagined as a marshmallow bunny  

Robert Scherrer, PhD'87; Lucy Scherrer (age 11)

Note that the equation in the upper left-hand corner was famously incorrect in the original photo. It has been reproduced in its incorrect form, but the marshmallow Fermi was obviously embarrassed enough to hide part of the equation with his ear

A night at "Peepy's"

Emily Eelman, AB'03;Erin Walker AB'04 

Somehow, it fails to capture the smoke fogged air (absent since the Chicago smoking-ban, I hear, but I haven't been in since well before then), the stupidly loud jukebox, or the general pseudo-dive ambience, but it's a nice tribute all the same.

Meresamun unraveled

Arline Meyer, AB'55

And, my personal favorite:

Diane Kelly, AB'90

December 2, 1942, 3:36 PM: Enrico Fermi, Arthur Compton, and other Manhattan Project scientists watch from the balcony of a squash court under the west stands of Stagg Field as George Weil withdraws the control rods on Chicago Pile 1 and starts the first controlled nuclear chain reaction. The 'liquid-control squad' – no chickens, they – stand poised above the pile, ready to flood it with a cadmium-salt solution if all other safeguards fail.

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